Thursday 12 April 2012

Un-ugly Fords (for once)

Imagine trying to tune those...
The road home from Griffith runs through Naranderra, and we'd heard about the annual hot rod show that the town puts on. It's a must see event - it's free, there are things for the kids to do (like show rides etc), you can amble around quietly for as long as  you like and there are no crowds getting in the way of the spiffy looking cars. There's also stalls of jams and knick-knacks and pot plants and knitted stuff for the missus to haggle over.

I've owned two cars with twin-carbs. Both were complete bastards to tune properly. Imagine having eight....

Flaming heck!

8 carbies - yep, that sounds right

I wrote about the cycling group that I went for a ride with being mostly male and mostly 40-somethings. The hot rod crowd was fairly similar, except that the men were a bit older, greyer and had more visible tattoos. And they were uglier. I had one eye on the cars and one eye on the crowd, scoping for Cav. However, even he would have been lost in the sea of ugly old blokes.

I just love that interior - and check out the stubbie holder sitting on the shifter.

Is this golliwog black enough for you?

Fords...good looking Fords. I must be dreaming.

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cav said...

"Lost in a sea of old ugly blokes?" Not a chance. I'd easily stand out - I'd be the bloke surrounded by the chicks!

BTW I spent most of my life living in various towns in the Riverina.