Thursday 5 April 2012

Oh no, not you again

Once you start photographing cyclists on a regular basis, it's not long before you start recognising the same people in different places. I overtook this lady three times in one day - once going around The Bay...

...and then again going into the city (I took the low road and she took the  high road, and I was in the CBD afore ye)...

...and then again on the way home that night. I think she's stalking me.

I don't put much effort into taking photos at any time, let alone when on the bike. This bloke was lugging a camera tripod around on his back - he must have been after some special shots.

Pretty spectacular sunset. It actually wasn't all that dark - this was taken with a camera phone, which is a bit more limited than my Ixus.

Ghosts on the bridge....again, the camera phone isn't up to low light conditions.


kae said...

That bridge pic is gorgeous.

You can get rid of the "prove you're not a robot" thingy now, blogger's picking up the spam nicely - you just need to delete the trash occasionally.

Philip Addamz said...

Oh no, now I'm really worried. You ride the same roads as I? Is my bum up for grabs (so to speak). I have some nice photos of that same evening but from my eventual destination in Rozelle. Moonrise over the harbour from the Western side, with the container ships at dock. Love all that human industry.
Anyway I'll be the one riding with a saucepan on my head - in case you're reading my thoughts as well!