Tuesday 24 April 2012

Just faffing around

I'm fiddling with the width settings and my photo sizes to see if I can make the photos come out a bit better. I'm sick of the way Blogger sizes photos.

I've set the width of the entire blog to 1200 pixels and the sidebar to 200 pixels. The photo below has been resized (keeping the same aspect ratio) to 900 pixels wide, and I've inserted it at "original size". That means it "should" fit into the body of the blog with a bit left over on each side.

It should turn out alright, unless you have a pathetically small monitor.


cav said...

I use extra large for my photos.

But then again I do have a big head

Skeeter said...

BoaB, it looks great on my 21" monitor set at 1280 x 1024. Everthing fits into the page exactly.

Cav, so that I can read your story away from the computer, I have been entering your chapters into my Kindle (hope you don't mind). Your "extra large" photos need a squeeze to get them into the Kindle's 12 x 9cm screen, but nothing is impossible in Photoshop.

kc said...

Beautiful...thank you.

And may God continue to bless you, and Cav and Skeeter, this ANZAC Day!

cav said...

Hey Skeeter, no problems.

Are you able to send me the Kindle version?

If you put your email address as a comment on my blog it would not be posted but I could then send you my email address.