Monday 30 April 2012

This view never gets old

Some might see getting up before dawn as a terrible imposition, but once I get down to the water, I think it's worth it. Sure, some mornings are grey, wet and totally horrible - but others are quite amazing. I passed a couple of blokes last week who had lugged cameras and tripods down to this spot to photograph the dawn. 

That black blob is a jogger running past. The camera makes it look like it's fairly light, but it's not. It's dark enough that there is a reasonable risk of me smashing into a jogger running on the bike path if I'm not careful.

I almost took out a pedestrian last week - I was so busy ogling the view, I forgot to watch where I was going. 


cav said...

Nice rule of thirds there BOAB. A bit more saturation would make an even nicer pic.

cav said...

Gee thanks Megan