Tuesday 24 January 2012

Our forebears were a tough lot

From a book I am reading:

"He arrived in Borneo to be greeted by the agent and the news that rebellion had broken out among the Dayak head-hunters. They set off on a survey with a contingent of Sikh soldiers. That night there was an alarm, and the Sikhs began firing into the dark. Bullets whistled everywhere - up in the air, into trees, even straight through the engineer's tents. Next morning, the Sikhs were sent marching back to base - facing head-hunters seemed less of a risk. in fact, shortly after the Sikhs had gone a Dayak informed them that the rebellion was over, and proved his point by unwrapping a cloth and proudly displaying the head of the chief rebel.


One of the surveyors, Inerny, wanted a large tree chopped down so that he could get a sighting, but the men pointed out that there was a huge bees' nest in the branches. Inerny however insisted. The axemen did their work and fled leaving Inerny sighting down his theodolite. Not for long. The irate bees descended and the surveyor had to leap into a swamp to avoid being stung to death. Unhappily, the swap was full of leeches who greeted this unexpected meal with great enthusiasm. Pauling found the story 'very amusing'. Inerny, who nearly bled to death, failed to see the joke.

Question - should we investigate the Dayaks for making off with the head of the chief rebel?

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Out of work loser. said...

Why not? Hell. I'll do it. I'm a good report writer. Just ask my high school English teacher.

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