Friday 20 January 2012

Friday photos

Pretty in pink?

Joining the queue at the King St traffic lights. By the time the lights went green, there were half a dozen cyclists piled up behind me.

The race is on - the lights go green in Pyrmont and a small pack heads off towards the Anzac bridge. At this time of day (about 5.30pm), a pack as big as this or bigger forms every time the light turns red. You don't get a steady stream of cyclists going down the hill from these lights - you get a solid shoal of 10-20 bikes every few minutes, and then nothing in between.

And I didn't see anyone behave like last night's idiot - every cyclist I saw stopped for red lights, obeyed the road laws and rode sensibly. That doesn't always happen, but I guess as cycling is becoming more main stream and more middle aged, middle class types are taking it up, the lawless and reckless element are becoming a smaller fraction of the total cycling population.

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