Monday, 23 January 2012

Is "rort" a naughty word?

Our favourite Green, David Shoebridge MP, has written a blog post complaining that a Green councillor has been reprimanded for a code of conduct violation. David thinks that is very bad.

Councillor Freewater was raising legitimate matters for public debate and he should not have been prosecuted for raising them publicly.

The thing is, when referring to his fellow councillors in the press, Freewater used the term "rort".

What's the definition of rort?

Well, it's a "financial impropriety" or "to defraud."

If Freeman thought his fellow councillors had been engaged in fraud, he should have reported it to ICAC and had his claims properly investigated. If he doesn't have evidence to support such an allegation, he should apologise and shut up. If I was accused in public of defrauding my council, I'd sue the bastard that said such a thing.

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