Tuesday 24 January 2012

Mad search terms

I rarely look at the statistics that Blogger offers up regarding where traffic is coming from and going to. However, I had a peek tonight for the first time in months.

One of the top search terms bringing people to this blog is "hitler kills tinky winky".

The Internet - teaching you something new and disturbing about people every day.


cav said...

Slow day eh BOAB?

Does your bike have puncture?

Rob said...

You don't seem to check old posts so I thought I would bring your attention to a serious flaw in your previous analysis of solar power.
You stated that a 5kw system costs $50,000, and then proceeded to add installation, import and finance onto that. If you took a look around at local companies you will see that is patently ridiculous.


Have 5kw systems for $11,800 which includes installation.


Has 2.6kw systems which cost $8,600 or ~$17,000 for 5kw and that includes installation and 2.5 years interest free finance.

Considering local systems are consistently about 1/4 to 1/3 of your guesstimates (and falling fast ~60% drop in price over last 12 months) repeating your numbers starts to make solar a hell of a lot more attractive than you made it seem.

Minicapt said...

What's a 'rebate'?


Rob said...

The rebate is designed to assist a technology moving through its infancy get over the hump until technological improvements and economies of scale help it reach a point where it is fully competitive unassisted, a point which solar is rapidly approaching if it hasn't reached it already . For example the 4.56 kw from energybank.com has a full pre-rebate cost of $15,965 a rebate of $4,165 to give the final price of $11,800. I'd be more than happy for the numbers to be rerun with the pre-rebate price as $16,000 is still a hell of a lot less than the $50,000 used in the analysis of solar costs by boy on a bike

GeorgeL said...

chain busted?