Thursday 8 December 2011

Thursday photos

The Carbin Tax must be working already (all praise the Carbin Tax), because the earth has cooled considerably since it passed the Senate. It's been a miserable week in Sydney - cold and wet and grey. I packed away my leg warmers some time ago - I was bloody close to pulling them back out again yesterday. The photo above is not gloomy - this is Sydney on a "sunny" day. Normally, I would have been down the beach for my first dip about 6 weeks ago. At the moment, I'm not even thinking of going anywhere near the salt water. That would be madness.

The bloke on the left had managed to find his leg warmers this morning. I saw one lady cycling in something that looked suspiciously like a ski jacket! I haven't bothered trying to dry my shoes for a week - I just put them on wet in the morning and put up with it. If I stuck them in the dryer at night, it wouldn't help much. They'd be soaked within 2 minutes of leaving the driveway.

People seem to have acclimatised to the crappy weather. For the first few days, I had this path to myself morning and night. However, those that like to keep fit must have gotten sick of being cooped up inside, and they started pouring out onto the paths yesterday. It was wall to wall joggers, all pounding along in the rain. I had a hard time passing them as my bell filled up with water - instead of making a nice loud "ting" that says, "Please move over and let me pass", it was making a dull, quiet "thud" that no one could hear.

See the shiny thing around his right ankle? They seem to be getting more popular. The idea is that a small reflective thing that is rotating quickly draws the eye, making drivers actually notice you on the road. It's a nice idea, but I still maintain that the only proper way to deal with aggressive arseholes on the road is to carry a pistol and open fire on them from time to time.

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