Sunday 18 December 2011

So much for political correctness

I was having a rest in a park yesterday afternoon, having been for a long leg-busting ride. I'd starting get leg cramps on the way home, and they got so bad, I had to pull over for a bit of a rest and stretch. I never get cramps - and these were something else. Imagine having a couple of strands of barbed wire inserted into your hamstrings - that's what it felt like. Absolutely awful.

There was a group of teenagers in the park near the seat I was occupying - I know most of them, as they are contemporaries of Junior. I also know a few of their parents - not in a got-their-phone-number-in-your-phone kind of way, but enough to know how to contact them if need be. ie, I know where they live, having dropped most of them home at one point or another over the last few years.

These teens are the arty, goody-goody group. They're not seriously academic or sporty - they're musical and they paint and they do drama and that sort of thing. They're not in with the drinking crowd or the dope smoking crowd at school - they're like a gang of Guy Sebastian's, without the church on Sundays thing.

They've also had 10 years of the most politically correct education possible, having been shunted from one female dominated state school to another. I've met the principals of the schools they went to/go to - all are wet as fish. You'd therefore expect these kids to be as soft and squishy as an underset blancmange and totally tuned in with the Greens agenda.


It's a thoroughly modern group, meaning it includes a black kid, a fat kid, a kid I am sure is gay, a muslim kid and a couple of thorough-going nerds. Instead of being sensitive to these aspects of their friends, they were loudly telling extremely rude jokes and stories about niggers (yes, teens have no trouble shouting that word very loudly at each other), their mothers, jews, muslims, the disabled, poofters, gooks, paedophiles and so forth.

Some examples:

"What did the blind, paraplegic orphan kid get for Christmas"?

Answer - "Cancer".

"What happened to the nigger when he looked up his family tree?"

Answer - "A bird shat on his face"

"Why did the Jews wander in the desert for 40 years?"

Answer - "They heard someone dropped a coin".

"I was going through a couple of magazines down at the local mosque and then my gun jammed".

The last one was a new one - all the other jokes they told were doing the rounds when I was that age.

It was impossible to sit within one hundred yards of them and not get an earful of this. Plus the desire amongst some to have anal sex with the girlfriends of the other kids there, or to fuck their friend's mums. The question, "Does your mum give good head?" was asked a few times.

And then like teenage males everywhere, they started fighting in a friendly manner - piling on and chasing each other around and trying to dak the nerdiest of the nerds, and then trying to entice the girls with the group to do some lesbian stuff.

They then discussed their desire to get hold of some guns and "shoot some shit", and as I was leaving, they had started a small harmless fire and were running around it like proper little savages, swearing their heads off. I haven't heard language like that since I was in the infantry.

I rode away smiling, happy that a decade or more of bringing these boys up in an almost testosterone free environment has had no impact whatsoever on their inner beast - it is alive and well and kicking and screaming to get out. And remember - these are the good kids from decent, middle class families where the parents work and aren't divorced and don't have booze and drug problems and arrest records as long as your arm.

I also thought of my poor parents, and what a handful we must have been at this age. Because unlike this lot, we probably would have been drunk, attempting to score dope and doing our best to impregnate all the females. Obscene things would have been undertaken with a blow up doll if we had one (they didn't have inflatable sheep back then - we just had real ones).

When we got older and acquired cars, one of them probably would have ended up on its roof or side by the time the night was over. Some nights were spent drunkenly escaping from the Police and trying to find places to dump the street signs that had been pilfered. I had plenty of practice at propping against a wall with my arms outstretched and my legs apart so as to avoid chundering cheap red wine on my shoes.

If we were in some out of the way place, like a farm or on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, lots of things would have been set on fire and much port would be drunk. Not necessarily in any order. Rifles and shotguns would have been taken out of unlocked wardrobes and various things merrily ventilated. When we got older and acquired explosives, things would have been blown up. And I do mean "blown up".

I was starting to think that mine was the last generation of males to have the sort of violent, drunken, dangerous fun that we had, and that the Feminazis had ruined it for the current crop. Unfortunately for the Feminazis, nature is stronger than all the indoctrination that they can throw at young males. Nature, for once, is winning.

These young blokes will be utter meat heads for a decade or so, and then they'll slowly mature and end up being captains of industry, politicians, diplomats, artists, entrepreneurs and senior government officials - and sober, conservative, law-abiding fathers to the next generation. Somehow, we turned out OK. I have faith that the next lot will do the same.


Nic said...

QED Boy:

1735099 said...

Best argument for the introduction of teaching scholarships for males to restore the gender balance in the profession I've seen in a long time - won't happen of course.

Anonymous said...

Nah, 1735099, never going to happen (more male teachers) cos everyone knows that male teachers are just pedophiles.

Just to be clear, I don't think that. But a lot of males who might have become teachers are scared off because of the prevailing attitude that says basically the same thing.

On the topic of boys, I don't think there is much official recognition of the fact that boys will be boys, and that we as a society attempt to modify typical male behaviour at our own risk.

1735099 said...

Boys are programmed to learn by doing stuff, not by sitting quietly and listening to stuff. To learn they need to take risks, solve real (not abstract) problems and spend at least half their time bouncing off the built and natural environment. The balance between duty of care and dignity of risk has gone haywire. Plaintiff lawyers and the MSM have a lot to answer for, as both make a good quid from accidents, in the schoolyard and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Having had a crack as a male in front of a blackboard, I think once again we risk loosing out in the gender balance once again through the same reason... Males are not as good at making verbal reasoning as females (big generalisation I know, but as is the case with childrens, girls have the linguistic skill to argue the case, boys get frustrated and go thump!).


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show maybe "political correctness" is either a figment of your imagination or if it does exist does no one any harm? And isn't worth complaining about?
Just throwing that out there.