Saturday 24 December 2011

Saturday photos

About the only sliver of blue sky I saw all week.

One loner kayaker.

I wrote a comment on another blog this week that I rarely see commuters on bikes with fat tyres, suspension and mud guards - so what do I see the next morning? Exactly that. This is the first set of mud guards that I've seen in months. It sometimes drizzles lightly in Sydney, but more often than not, we seem to get torrential downpours. Apart from a few winter months, the rest of the time it's warm enough to not worry about getting wet.

I've seen lots of touring or tourist cyclists this week - and all of them have been grey haired. The above pair were the most casual of the lot - others were in full racing kit and were heading in the opposite direction to me. Must be something about the holiday season that brings them out.

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cav said...

Have I seen these photos before BOB?

I hope to see some new material in 2012, I really want to see more saddle bags.

I like saddle bags.