Friday 2 December 2011

The silence of the Greens

From Antony Green (not the Green I am referring to) - the Clarence by-election results:

21:12 - At this stage Labor have a majority in only two booths, Red Rock and Nymboida. In Nymboida, the Greens actually came first on the first preferences.

I would think a disappointing night for the Greens who have made no advances despite campaigning against coal seam gas and antimony mining. Perhaps the anti-CSG vote went with Labor?

The Greens ended up with 7.2% of the vote, a 0.3% rise on the last election. Given all the fuss that has been stirred up about coal seam gas and fracking, that's an incredibly bad result. Funnily enough, a search of the NSW Greens website produces none of the usual post-election crowing about how the Greens are on the rise and are a force to be reckoned with blah blah blah.

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