Saturday 26 February 2011

Have I got meaty calves?

I was just reading a post on compression socks and skinny legs and calf muscles and I was wondering how my legs compare to other cyclists. I put a bit of string around the meatiest bit of my calf muscle - 44cm (and that's after a day off the bike).

Not bad - and I initially thought nothing compared to these guys.

But think again - I then found this anthropometric study (what a mouthful)on different types of cyclists. Track cyclists have bigger calves than road cyclists - but even then, they are only 37.8cm. Then again, your average endurance cyclist weighs 70kg, which is, errr, considerably lighter than me. I have also discovered that I might have trouble finding compression socks large enough for my lower legs if I ever feel the need to get some.


AZ Angel said...

LOL, well first you have to post a picture of those meaty calves, then we can tell!

Boy on a bike said...

Apart from being meaty, they are also very, very hairy. Completely non-PRO.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Please continue to keep your hairy fat calves hidden from public view on the Interwebz, BOAB.

There is such a thing as TMI.