Monday 28 February 2011

Drunken grub

It's bad enough having to dodge idiot non-thinking pedestrians who are sober - it's even harder having to avoid them when they're pissed as a parrot.

I tucked in behind this tram, as it is the best thing for clearing pedestrians out of the way that I have encountered yet. You just have to watch out for those that race out behind it without looking first after it goes by.

Just as it gets going, a drunk gets annoyed at having to wait for a few seconds, so he gobs on the tram as it passes by (hard to see in the video) - he then proceeded to step out in front of me, but thankfully saw me coming and back pedalled quickly. What a grub.

What would I have done if he'd spat on me? Not sure really - but that's something I'd like to avoid altogether.

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