Thursday 14 October 2010

Will you pedestrians please get the f*ck out of my bike lane

How hilarious that Tim Blair should have a posting today on Clover Moore's fairly useless bike lanes. I have been trying to use the lane through Pyrmont most days - I think I am close to giving up. It's too narrow, which means it's slow, and I have to stop or slow down nearly every day because idiots step from the footpath into the bike lane without looking. Most aren't crossing the bike lane - they've decided to walk along it like these four.

The bloke with the carton of beer on his shoulder veered hard left just as I reached him and I avoided him by the skin of my teeth. Even after that near miss, he didn't go back to the footpath - he just continued on walking up the bike path, chatting on his phone.

This path might work if the council puts up an electric fence between the pedestrian bit and the bike bit.

1 comment:

Richard_H said...


Pedestrians in bike lanes. They tend to increase my blood pressure a lot.

There's a bike track in Bris I don't use anymore because there's almost always pedestrians in it, and it's a sole use bike path. It shouldn't but it really gives me the shits.

//Rant over...//