Tuesday 26 October 2010

Useless teacher banned for life

A teacher who is judged to be incapable of ever improving his work has become the first to be banned for life from the classroom due to incompetence.

The truly shocking quotes from the article:

  • He had taught for a total of 13 years at schools across the South-East.
  • Just 13 teachers have been banned from the profession for fixed periods for incompetence since 2000.
  • Mr Ahmed is the first to receive a prohibition order without time limit.
  • Two years ago, GTC chief executive Keith Bartley said there could be as many as 17,000 'substandard' members of staff among the 500,000 registered teachers in the UK.
  • The small number banned for incompetence will spark fears these teachers are simply being recycled.
Bugger me with a broomstick.

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1735099 said...

Reckon it's hard to get rid of an under-performing teacher? Try a school cleaner. When I was a principal I sprung a school cleaner stashing drugs on the grounds for her partner in crime to collect after hours.
I sacked her on the spot. Next thing I know, I'm getting told off by the bureaucrat in charge of employing cleaners that I'd exceeded my authority. She told me I'd have to reinstate her. I told her to get stuffed, and we could have this out in front of the P & C executive if she had any objections. No more conversations...
I found out later that she had been posted to another school, so I contacted the principal and provided him with relevant background which hadn't been shared.
About two years later she was convicted of dealing, and was (finally) sacked.
Incidentially, in Queensland, underperforming teachers are put on what is called DWP (diminished work performance) and are given 12 months to pull their socks up. I was personally involved in two of these cases as a principal - one who did stay on, and did improve, and one who didn't and was dismissed.
The second one used to phone me at 3am and abuse me routinely until I had our phone number changed.