Sunday 31 October 2010

Friday photos

Heck - just realised that I haven't put up any photos for a few days.

Here we go - the Pyrmont bike lane is closed - yet again - for some mysterious reason. It seems to have been closed more often that it's been open since it was opened for business. And yes, we are blasting through a "red" cycle icon. It's so rare that a car turns here that so long as you are sensible (ie, you look before crossing), you just zip across and ignore it.

A line of bikes trudging up towards the Harlequin Hotel.

A wet morning - I forget which. It wasn't wet enough to really require cold or wet weather gear. Spring is definitely here.

Heading home. Some wear bike shoes with cleats, others wear something like the KT-26 and open pedals.

Lotsa bikes - mainly across the road. The lady in yellow on my left was so slow, I was almost collected by a car!

You rarely see cyclists in purple (the camera has made it look pink, but it was closer to purple) - yet right in front of her was another purple clad cyclist (my camera had a fit at that point and refused to photograph her).

And that was last week.

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cav said...


I remember them well.

Can you still get them?