Sunday 17 October 2010

Water cuts and refugees

I know that there are resettled refugees living and working in the Murray-Darling area because my in-laws have helped quite a few to settle there over the years (my in-laws being refugees themselves).

Somewhere like Griffith is probably not a bad spot to live if you've recently been accepted as a refugee. The area was developed by post-war immigrants, so it's wog heaven. There's lots of entry level jobs that anyone can do even if you have little or no English - but are willing to work hard. The place is over run with backpackers every year from every corner of the globe, who speak every language imaginable, and they all seem to get work picking and packing fruit and so on.

The lefties, and the Greens in particular, are full of compassion for refugees. All the refugees I have ever met (and I won't claim to have met a lot) want to get on with life. They want to work, buy a house, perhaps start a business, get the kids educated and so on. I am yet to meet a slack-arsed no-hoper.

And that's exactly what those resettled refugees in the Griffith area have done - found employment, picked up English as they went and settled into the community. However, the Greens will destroy their way of life if the water cuts go through. They'll be out of work, they'll lose their homes and businesses and they'll have to move their families elsewhere and start again. The most vulnerable members of the community will be those that will suffer first.

I bet the Greens never factored that in. Where's their compassion now?

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Ubique of Perth said...

The greenies put human welfare a long way down the totem pole from their concern about the environment. They have no problem with human suffering of any kind as long as they think it's for the greater good of the environment.

If you gave them half a chance they'd euthanase the lot of us.