Wednesday 12 May 2010

Why are some taxi drivers such morons?

I've taken a few taxi rides through town lately. One driver was very interesting - he spent the entire drive down George St cursing at other taxi drivers. He was ferocious about it - he hated them with a passion. His take was that if a taxi is empty, the driver will never let you in as they are paying for it. If they have a passenger, they'll let you in as the passenger is paying for it. We tested that theory on our short drive, and he was right every time. He also told me about a good coffee place, but I have now forgotten where it was. Ah well.

On the right here, we have a motorbike parking area. This taxi is about to pass a motorcyclist that is standing there, waiting to reverse his bike in.

Instead of waiting, the taxi driver decides to overtake. He uses the same manouvere many use when overtaking me on my bike - instead of changing lanes, he tries to squeeze past.

From my vantage point, it looked like he missed running over the biker's foot by about 3 inches. The video really didn't capture it that well. I was sure the biker was going to be upset with that. I would be.

The taxi then sped off up the street.

At the next corner, the lights were red.

I counted it on the video - from the time I caught up with the taxi, we waited 18 seconds for the lights to change. He probably waited 30 seconds.

He could have waited a few more seconds for the biker, or he could have gone wide and given him lots of space when he went around him - but he was an impatient dickhead and he did neither. All to get to a red light sooner.

Taxi T 1731 - you are the moron of the day.

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