Saturday 1 May 2010

Maybe those McMansions are a good idea after all

"Melbourne and Sydney are education hothouses, carefully designed to cultivate the best-growing mushrooms, the kids," Mr Salt said.

"Education begets education. If both mum and dad work and are educated with a tertiary degree, then you're more likely to have a home environment that cultivates further education and the resources like a separate bedroom, a study and computer."

From The Aus today.

How likely are you to get a kid's bedroom in an older house that is large enough to give you enough space for a big desk and a computer? Or even a separate study?

Having lived in a lot of inner city houses, I can say "not many". Maybe, just maybe, those 5 or 6 bedroom McMansions are actually being used as a 4 bedroom house with 2 studies for the kids?

What are the anti-growth, flat-earth marxist green-monkeys going to say about that? Kids should go back to studying with a tablet and chalk stick under a tree?

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