Friday 28 May 2010

Thursday photos

Yes, I know, I am posting these on Friday, but they are photos from earlier in the week. I still have two rides to do today, so there might actually be some Friday photos too.

It's been a wet and gloomy week. Apart from yesterday, it's pissed down almost constantly all day. I've been wet from the moment I stepped out the door. That has meant roads almost completely free of bikes - some people either aren't physically prepared (spray jackets and so on) or they are not mentally prepared. It's just been a week of head down, bum up misery.

Thursday was different though in that the showers were spaced well apart. I managed to avoid them going in and coming back - I even managed to photograph a shower that was heading our way. It hit about 10 minutes after I got home.

The bike is a complete mess, and will need a thorough clean this weekend (if the sun comes out). When it rains, lots of mud and sand gets flicked all over the place from the tyres, and whilst some ends up on the frame and under my seat etc, a lot goes into the chain and gears. A thorough degrease, lube and scrub is in order.

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bruce said...

Memories memories...

That blue 2 storey boathouse peeping thru between Rodd Island and the mainland (used to be Haberfield Rowers, don't know now) is where I did my only paid gig as a muso, 36 years ago, hired for someone's 21st. I played guitar Hendrix-style with my mates' band. Upside down and all - they got their money's worth, although I was and am still a crummy guitarist so made up for that with stagemanship.

I also used to sail up and down the harbour there in my family's putt-putt boat thru the 60's.

Lovely lovely photos. Thanks for posting them.