Saturday 1 May 2010

Friday photos and a fender bender

Photography has been dead quiet this week - the weather has turned miserable, and all the fair weather two wheelers have vanished. About the only bloke I saw was this Ninja - dressed in black from head to foot and doing his best to blend into the surrounding murky darkness. I hate the near-miss head-on encounters that I have with these clowns when the sun is not around.

Rowers returning to the sheds and putting their boat away. It was as cold and grey and miserable as it looks.

Fender bender at the lights. The three blokes on the right are exchanging details. I just wish it had been one tradesman in a ute who had smacked into another one. They're impatient buggers, and they fly up and down this stretch of road without regard for others every morning.

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Richard_H said...

RE. Ninja's

Seriously, I don't get these guys. I'm like you BOAB, I'm lit up like an Xmas tree, 2 lights on the front (inc helmet) and 2 flashing on the back, wear a hi-vis work shirt and sometimes reflective ankle bracelets. Hell, I'm looking at a good rechargable light that you can see from space.

Guys like that do give the rest of us a bad rep, grrrrr...