Wednesday 5 May 2010

Wednesday photos

Your really need a bit of cloud to get a good early morning shot.

It was a really nice morning up until this point - and then it started raining. Funnily enough, I had spent my ride up until that point thinking about buying a lightweight spray jacket.

The same view in the afternoon.

It was too windy for even this fellow to be out flying. I couldn't believe the headwind on the way home - it has been a long, long time since I have ground over the ANZAC bridge in low gear, puffing and panting - but it was so bad, I was thinking of getting off and walking. Over my dead body. Shortly after taking this shot, I went around a corner and the wind was behind me. I was doing 40 on the flat without turning the pedals.

A bit of a rarity - see cyclists heading out of town at 0700. Normally, the traffic is all one way.

Jerk of the day. For starters, he was wearing a Guy Sebastian type hat. In the car. His BMW has no model tags on it - I hate it when people do that. And he had shitty mags. To cap it off, he had his phone glued to his ear. Hey, knobhead - if you can afford a stupid hat and a BMW with mags, you can afford a car kit.

Funny place to get a flat. I think the bouquets are there from May 1.

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