Friday 21 June 2013

I ride; therefore, I must eat

Riding home can be a bit lonely some days, so the brain starts thinking about all sorts of things. Today, it was fixated on food. Possibly because I was bloody starving.

Over the course of half an hour or so, I decided this is what I want to cook this weekend. I had to promise my body that I would make these things - otherwise, it would have rebelled and where would I be then?

  • Bread - will make the dough tonight and let it rest overnight
  • Mussels - because they go so well with freshly baked bread
  • Tarte tatin - already done. It should be ready to turn out by the time this blog entry is finished. More on the recipe in a minute
  • Pasta - as in make my own pasta from scratch
  • Slow cooked pork belly - it was fascinating to watch this bloke cook it up after he had just been on a cooking tour through........Iran. I didn't think pork belly would be that popular in Iran.

That should be enough energy to keep me going through a few more days of riding. 

As for the tarte tatin - I was going to make it days ago. I read a great tip in the linked article whereby you peel and core the apples the day before and leave them uncovered in the fridge to dry out a bit. If the apples have dried slightly, the tarte is firmer.

So of course I peeled them on Monday, smothered them in a bit of lemon juice and promptly lost them up the back of the fridge. I found them again tonight and remembered to cook the tarte.

Speaking of tarte - time to tip it over and pig out.

Pig over, pig out.

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Pat Heuvel said...

Shot over, shot out.