Saturday, 8 June 2013

Did Vivid

Had a look at the Vivid light festival this week. The photos I took are pretty useless in comparison to what the pros have been putting on line - it's definitely worth a look.


  1. It's a grand celebration of electricity and electric lighting. I hope we can afford to continue having these festivals in future.
  2. There's plenty of things to keep young kids interested
  3. It would be bloody awful to be pushing a pram around - the crowds were pretty intense
  4. There are 60-odd displays to see - we saw about 1/4 of them and it was still good
  5. The burgers and hot dogs on sale in the street market in the Rocks looked excellent - pity I'd had a feed before I got there
  6. Photos don't do it justice - you have to turn up and experience it
  7. Don't bother showing up during the day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many people turning up for a gander also support Earth Hour?