Friday 14 June 2013

Green thieves

Two teenagers are due in court charged after a police pursuit through Sydney’s inner west this morning.
Police were in a fully-marked car behind a white Toyota Prius on Averill Street at Rhodes about 1.30am today (Sunday 9 June 2013), when the Prius allegedly made an illegal turn. A registration check revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen from Woy Woy last Wednesday (5 June).
Police activated warning lights, however, the vehicle accelerated and a pursuit was initiated. It continued along Concord Road where seconds later it struck the back of a Hyundai Getz; it then crossed the median strip and hit a BMW travelling in the opposite direction.

For crying out loud - what sort of person steals a Prius and then tries to make a run for it?

Thieves aren't getting any smarter.

Then again, they might have had a choice between stealing a Prius and a Ford, and decided to steal something that would at least get them from Woy Woy to the city without breaking down.


DMS said...

interesting factoid gained from story - no Aussie-made cars in accidents (sample space of 1; confidence interval large).

cav said...

God will get you for that BOAB!

Poached Egg Recipes said...

Loved reading this tthank you