Sunday 14 April 2013

More great cullinary disasters

Made chocolate mousse tonight. You know how it is supposed to be soft and fluffy and light?

Mine is like aerated concrete.

However, it's pretty potent. More than a few spoonfuls supplies a rush like 6 cups of coffee and a tab of speed.

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TimT said...

Hey, I don't suppose it was that mousse recipe I left on your blog a few weeks ago was it? Double cream + fluffed-up egg white + chocolate? Because the double cream can be pretty fatty (and the consistency of every cream and milk product varies anyway, even in the one brand), and if you put it in the fridge (as I did when I made it first) it does end up pretty chunky - like, as you say, aerated concrete.

I think mousse should usually be eaten fresh (so no fridging), and maybe cut back on the cream if it makes it too heavy.