Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cream snobs

I've done something right.

I've raised my kids to be cream snobs.

I whipped up a self saucing chocolate pud tonight. In anticipation, I put "double cream" on the shopping list - that's the best stuff to have with a rich chocolate pudding.

The missus obliged and duly brought home a tub of double cream. However, I forgot to mention that some of the local supermarkets are no longer stocking proper double cream - they only carry cream that has been thickened with gelatin. I've found that out from reading the ingredients of every tub of cream in the supermarket fridge.

So we ended up with gelatin infused cream in the fridge - an abomination in my books - but I was none the wiser.

The kids got a bowl of pudding each. The cream was put on the dining table for them to serve themselves.

Both tried the cream and said, "I'm not eating that". I was told in no uncertain terms to return to the kitchen, find some proper cream and whip it up. Which I did. Bless their little cotton socks. They might be unable to read the ingredients on a tub of cream, but they can tell crap when they see it.

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TimT said...

Gelatin-infused cream - I hate that! When I buy cream I want cream, not some semi-adulterated cheap-arse product that's used for the big manufacturers to get rid of some excess gelatin. Also when I make cheese (cream cheese, etc) I don't want any additives, because they'll muck around with the curdling.

There's a variety of Bulla cream, and that type of double cream you get in the 300 ml red plastic bucket have no additives I find. Nothing else widely available though.

Incidentally I love how this has turned into a default foody blog. Half the posts are about incredibly fattening foods, the other half are about cycling binges in which you work off those incredibly fatty foods. It's a bit like my life - apart from the half involving the cycling binges :)