Sunday 15 May 2011

Squaregating Air Farce muppets

If there's one thing the Air Farce (and its cadets) can't do it's march in time without square gating. A whole bloody parade of them going up George St in the middle of the day - half out of step, the other half square gating. The bloke in front was the only one to swing his arm up properly - the rest waggled them lazily back and forth a few inches.

Christ on a bike, any one of the NCOs that I served with would have been roaring up and down this line of sad sacks turning the air blue with "suggestions". Ah, hang on. The most common suggestion made to a digger that couldn't march properly was "to join the fucking air force".


Anonymous said...

See, you just answered your own question...gotta remember these are AIR FARCE, not proper Military trainees.

Anonymous said...

followed your link, but I still dont know what square gating is.

1735099 said...

To square gate is to march or walk with an arm swinging forward at the same time as the corresponding leg i.e. left hand, left leg - instead of right hand, left leg - a terrible sight to behold.
It invariably generated apoplexy in the NCO drilling the squad.

Ubique of Perth said...

Boab old son, it's called square gaiting. Gait as in walk or motion. It's easy to do if you're out of step or in the bloody RAAF (Rarely Airborne After Friday)


Aden said...

Okay guys. This is NOT the Air Force, nor is it the Air Force Cadets.
It's the Air League. If you have seen (If nor experienced for yourself) drill by the Air Force Cadets, you'd know that utmost professionalism is upheld.

Anonymous said...

I'm 12 and a bit years late but the OP is still wrong. Aden has it right. Put shit on the right people or be a dickhead forever.