Tuesday 8 May 2012

Lots of photos

Electric bike
Flipping heck - a week without posting anything. It's just been one of those weeks - work, work, work and then sleep, sleep, sleep. I was face down on the couch before 8pm last night, just totally toasted. I had to be shaken roughly awake at 11pm and sent to bed.

Electric bikes - yes, there are lots more of them about. I might get one some years after I become a pensioner. And only if I can ensure that it is charged with electricity generated by coal or nuclear power.

Hell, it must be cold on the water at 0600. The temp when I depart has dropped from 15 degrees to 12 to 10 over the last week. 10 degrees is where the finger tips in the fingerless gloves start to feel the cold, and I'm seriously considering searching through the shed for my leg warmers.

Bike traffic during the peak periods is getting worse too. I slept in one morning, and found myself leaving for work about half an hour later than usual. I ended up being stuck behind hubbards on numerous occasions - it used to be that the slow riders were never a problem as you could always overtake safely. Not any more - places like the Anzac Bridge now have a steady stream of riders going in both directions, so unless you can accelerate up hill like a world class sprinter, overtaking is a no-no. Of course, that doesn't stop world-class morons from attempting it.

Another tough nut - it was cold that morning, and this guy was out running in bare feet. Notice the two cyclists way off in the distance? Their fluro vests really stand out, even in the dim, overcast early morning light.

As opposed to this ninja, dressed in black from head to foot. I saw another cyclist like her this morning - even  his bike and shoes were black. How the hell do you expect to be seen when you have the fashion sense of Hotblack Desiato.

The best dawn photos really need a few tenths of cloud cover. And maybe some air pollution.

Woops, listing badly. Must be an Italian captaining this ship.


kae said...

Beautiful sunrise shots!

Yesterday someone at work noted that there was a ribbon of cloud high up in the sky.

She said "It's windy up there."

I said "And it's cold."

Morning temps here are in the single digits now. Winter has arrived. Hurrah!

Just need to buy some firewood.

kae said...

Oh, the day's temps are mid 20s most days.


John of Argghhh! said...

That was hilarious. I like your standard for purchasing an electric bike...

M said...

Great shots. Love the guy running in bare feet.