Monday 21 May 2012

Catallaxy joins the solar party

The logistics of solar and wind don't add up.

The numbers are truly astounding, regardless of how low solar costs have fallen so far. They simply haven't fallen anywhere near enough to be economic.

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Rob said...

We established Saturday that unsubsidised solar has fallen to $3,000/Kw, making a 5kw system about $15,000 before subsidies, this estimate is consistent with several retailers. Last year your own maths showed that it would be economic once 5kw was available for $20,000. Were you wrong then? wrong now? or is it just a constantly moving target so that "grid parity" according to you is always a bit
less then the present cost? Care to update your moving target prediction?
That articles premise that solar is useless because power consumption ONLY rises by 60% during the daylight hours is nothing short of ridiculous. The reality is installation rates are booming whilst subsidy levels are being slashed, the solar industry itself panics each time the multiplier is cut that it will be the end of them and yet individuals and companies are pouring more of their own money into systems with less government support every year. If a lot of people think something is a good idea and you don't here's a hint, they might not be the ones who are wrong.