Sunday 13 May 2012

Knobs and other people

I'll start with the other people. For starters, the bloke above is a good reminder to buy knicks that are nice and long at the back. The light is too dim for this photo to have come out clearly, but he had a really, really bad case of brickie's crack. 

Two disparate approaches to cycling visibility - the bloke in the middle has opted to ride Ninja style (black and invisible) whilst the women on either side of him have plenty of lights and shiny stuff. A ninja like this bloke almost ran into me head-on during the week on a bike path. It was dark, the path was unlit, and he was screaming around a bend on the wrong side of the cycle path. I had a concrete wall on my left, and nowhere to go. Thankfully, he swerved at the last minute, and I got home with nothing broken or scratched. It's unsettling to think that my fellow cyclists can be as much or more of a risk than morons driving taxis and delivery vehicles.

And now for our Knob of the Week. This bloke went through 4 red lights on the way into town. This is him going through the first set. It didn't make much difference to our respective journey times - I'd wait for the green, catch him, stop, watch him go through a red, wait for the green, catch him etc etc etc. I don't get why he was in such a burning hurry that he had to keep running red lights. The problem with knobs like this is that drivers see them and start to think that all cyclists are law breaking morons. I don't care if you decline to wear a helmet - that is your choice. But please, obey the rest of the bloody road rules.

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