Sunday 12 June 2011

Sunday photos

The Bay
Stretched the legs again this afternoon with an hour's worth of riding in between storms and showers. It was a bloody awful day to go for a ride - the wind was howling in from four different directions at once, and rain pelted down at regular intervals. The only people out were those walking dogs. Which was great - a day without prams on The Bay is a great day indeed.

Cycling into Balmain
Hey, I've discovered that I can add captions to my photos. Woopee! Just for fun, I rode up the main street of Balmain. I haven't done it for a few months - the only reason I decided to was because Tim Blair had a laugh at bike lanes this week (which I also found pretty funny), and I thought I'd re-examine the premier bike lane in Australia's greenest suburb.

Christ on a bike, I'd forgotten what an awful piece of shite that bike lane is. I took some video of it, but I really don't want to bore you with 10 minutes of atrocious road surfaces, cracks like the Grand Canyon, cars and trucks parked right across the bike lane and the best part - the fact that most of the paint marking the lane has faded, making it the Magical Balmain Disappearing Bike Lane. What a fucking crock. And to think, the Green Mayor has managed to get himself elected to state parliament on the strength of his environmental credentials. I'd like to chain him by the ankles to the back of my bike and drag him the length of the Balmain peninsular.

I was so annoyed at the complete arse-fuck of a bike lane that I took the back streets home - and discovered where Adriano Zumbo has his shop. For those not in the know, this bloke did well on Masterchef (beats me how well or which one - I rarely watch it). The only reason I know of him is that I met a bloke that works for him - he spent about 10 minutes slagging him off as a terrible boss (a really nasty bit of work apparently) and a fairly ordinary businessman (mum and dad apparently put up all the money). That said, I thought I'd pop in and get something sweet for a post-ride scoff. He might be a rotten bugger, but his food has a good rep. By the time I got turned around and got across the road, the bastards had closed! Oh well, I'll go back there another day.

Iron Cove bridge bike path

Like I said, not a great day to be out walking or on a bike - I had most bike paths to myself. It was fun zipping across here with the wind at my back - I was racing the cars on the bridge next door, and not doing too badly.

The old Iron Cove bridge
A bit of engineering history for you.

Drummoyne pool, looking rather green
The Drummoyne pool closes for the winter months, which is why it's gone a rather virulent shade of green.


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