Sunday 26 June 2011

Honky heaven

Honky nuts still in the tree
I don't know what the correct name is for these things, but as kids, we called any sort of large nut a "honky nut". What I think of as a proper honky nut is about the size of the last section of your thumb, and vaguely spiked. They're heavy enough to throw at other kids, but light enough to not hurt too much (unless you cop one in the eye). We used to collect them by the bucket load at school and have honky nut wars between teams of kids. Until last week, I'd forgotten all about them.
Honky nut highway
Out Concord way is what I'll now call the Honky nut highway - it's a stretch of road lined with honky nut trees. When I went through last weekend, all the trees had shed their nuts, and the bike lane was periodically covered in what could only be described as dunes or drifts of nuts. A street sweeper must have been past in the last week, and I'm glad - the little buggers are deadly. It's bad enough running over one when on the straight - your front wheel will skip an inch or two one way or the other as the honky night fires out the side under pressure. Hit one as you're cornering, and you have about a 99.9% chance of hitting the tarmac. The only remedy is to get the hell out of the bike lane and ride in a clear patch on the road - especially on corners.

I wonder if there are any Police accident reports for bike injuries that read "brought down by honky nuts"?

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Anonymous said...

Your WA'ness will confuse your punters. A Honkey nut that your refer to is from the Marri tree, an evergreen eucalypt. These trees are obviously not that.