Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday photos - part II

The three women in this photo are a good example of what weekend cyclists tend to look like - normal clothes, comfy bikes, wandering along at a happy pace - not crawling, but not racing either. They're just meandering along a path that ducks and weaves along the river's edge. They're not out of bed before the farting of the sparrows (I almost wrote that as the "sparting of the farrows") and they're not riding 120 miles at peak pace. They're - shock, horror - quietly enjoying themselves on a lovely day!

Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles
This bloke was wearing a "Germany" jersey. I must learn how to sing this song one day.

Not quite the Titanic

There's usually a few small rowboats pulled up on the beach - necessary unless you want to swim out to your yacht moored 100 metres out in the bay. You don't see a sunken one that often.

Drinking and driving?

Jeez, I'm really happy with the cropped version of that photo.

Back when Grocerywatch was a headline issue, I started taking photos of sunken shopping trolleys in order to highlight what I thought was the stupidity of running such a website. The rusted, weed infested trolleys were a metaphor for a policy that wasn't going to be of much benefit to anybody. I haven't seen a sunken trolley for a while - but I found one today, so here it is.

Cropping doesn't improve this one much

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