Thursday, 30 June 2011

What the hell is this all about?

It's advertising a very strange web site.


1735099 said...

Probably viral marketing - if you're silly enough to sign up you'll provide them with some useful material.

Paul said...

whois server for * is ...
connected to [] ...
Domain Name:
Last Modified: 06-Jun-2011 15:23:40 UTC
Registrar ID: Distribute.IT
Registrar Name: Distribute.IT
Status: ok

Registrant: Draftfcb Melbourne
Registrant ID: ACN 070075035
Eligibility Type: Company

Registrant Contact ID: DIT-2144322
Registrant Contact Name: Adrian OHagan
Registrant Contact Email: Visit for Web based WhoIs

Draftfcb are a 'communicatuoins agency:

Adrian O'Hagan is their Technical Development Manager according to LinkedIn.