Sunday 8 May 2011

Trees killed for no good reason

The kids have been watching the 1999 series of Walking With Dinosaurs. It was cutting edge computer graphics back then - it looks a bit clunky now, but it's still very good. I like Kenneth Branagh as a narrator.

I was so taken with this scene of a huge dinosaur pushing over trees, I just had to post it. Listen to what Kenneth has to say - they're not pushing over the trees in order to make furniture or floor boards or cardboard or paper. They're not even pushing them over to eat them. They're pushing them over to get at the ferns underneath.

Where's Greenpeace when you need them? Why aren't there bearded ferals running around the forest, chaining themselves to trees in order to stop this senseless slaughter of the forests? Is it ok for nature to thin the trees (as elephants still do today), but not ok for man to harvest them and put them to good use?

The next scene is all about a massive dinosaur fart - I've left that bit on the cutting room floor.


bruce said...

Oh and animals never kill more than they can eat, doncha know.

And nature is in harmonious balance. (Please explain the Dinosaur 'balance'...).

And Burke and Wills died of starvation when they 'were surrounded by a veritable smorgasbord' because they obviously were afraid of the aboriginal 'other' - Except they were in fact gorging on the aboriginal food ngardu (sporocarps in cakes), which causes beriberi when prepared hastily or perhaps aborigines are immune to its ill-effects. So they died of dysentery and 'bush tucker' may have actually killed them.

Oh the superficial wisdom of the moment.

How are the sandals and muesli going?

1735099 said...

Burke & Wills - Mad Irishman and silly Pommie bastard respectively.
They did, however, prove that Mt Isa is within walking distance of Melbourne.....

kae said...

Animals don't eat more than they can eat, dontchaknow!
Yeah, talk to kitty.

Thanks for the laff!
Mt Isa is within walking distance of Melbourne.