Tuesday 3 May 2011

I wonder...

Bin Laden got taken out just down the road from a number of Pakistani military installations. You have to wonder why there appears to have been no response from any of them when helicopters were buzzing around just down the road, and a firefight broke out.

Here's my take - I reckon the commanders of those installations all got a phone call shortly beforehand. The conversation probably went something like this:

*click* "Hello, Abbotobad Defence Academy, Colonel Islamonirimidad speaking".

"Listen carefully. My name is General Buck Turgidson. I command all the US Air Force assets in the Middle East. Right now, 80% of them are either circling around overhead, or doing racetrack patterns just over the border. There are more warthogs just down the road from you than there are clapped out, beaten up taxis in your town. I've got an entire wing of B-52s orbiting less than 10 minutes out.

"If you so much as open a gate to put the cat out, you and everyone else in your town will be falling as vapour droplets over India next time there is a monsoon.

"I'm told that Pakistan's Got Talent is showing tonight on Channel 5. I suggest you turn up the volume, and take that red phone on the corner of your desk off the hook.



Irobot said...

Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

You better watch out, BOB. There might be some visitors soon to find out how you got the inside scoop.

Didn't you forget the part about the slurpee machine? It was slurpee night, wasn't it?

Deborah Leigh