Monday 30 May 2011

Attack of the killer cucumbers

Nice, wholesome, organic vegetables..

...which just happen to kill you.

If it's true that the infected cucumbers were in fact organic, why wasn't that reported by the BBC?


1735099 said...

BOAB - It was.
See -

Skeeter said...

The deadly cukes are again featured on the news this morning (Wed) — 15 now dead.
Growers and consumers are gradually waking up to the costs and perils of "organic" farming.
As recently as four years ago, Macadamia nut processors would not accept nuts from my farm unless I had sworn on a statuary declaration that I had NOT used organic fertiliser within six months of harvest.
Because the nuts are harvested from the ground, there is a big risk of contamination. For the same reason, we were not allowed to use free-ranging chooks and other birds under the trees to control bugs.

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