Thursday, 5 May 2011

That obviously didn't go down very well

Hmm, no takers so far on my suggestion for a mardi gras float in next years parade.

I guess I'll have to tone it down a bit. Maybe the shotguns were a bit over the top, but they would have been useful for repelling boarders - particularly bearded fanatics with knives intent on lopping a few gay heads off.

So here's plan B.

I call it "Osama pig Laden".

We stick with the giant papier mache head, except do one of a pig's head on a platter (with an apple in its mouth - or a bomb if you prefer). Add a patented bin laden beard, and everyone will recognise it for what it is - Osama pig Laden.

You know it makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

thats more better! clever even.


WV:wisiones -people who are wise?