Monday, 30 July 2012


I've been putting off buying some new bike shorts for some time, but finally relented last week after holding a pair up to the light as I hung them on the line and discovering that they were so worn, they were nearly see through.

Not a good look.

I trotted down to one of the local bike shops and tried on many nicks and found the only two pairs in my size that fitted properly. One was what I would call "mid range quality", and the other was upper-middle quality. One level below the pro-level. Both were from the same manufacturer.

I wanted to get something decent - the last ones I bought were dead cheap, and they fit terribly. I got two pairs from the same brand (not the same as above). I couldn't work out whether I needed the large or XL, so I bought both. The large squeeze my legs so badly, it feels like they are always falling down (the elastic is tight down towards the knees, and it pulls in that direction). The XL pair fit like a potato sack.

The latest additions to the wardrobe fit much more comfortably. The upper-middle quality pair fit like a glove. The cheaper version isn't quite that good, but they are a vast improvement on the potato sack.

Now for a price comparison.

The cheap and crappy knicks cost me $60 in a shop.

The mid range ones cost me $90.

The really good ones cost me $180.

I got home and looked them up in a few web stores.

I can get the really good ones on line for the same price as the crappy knicks. That's right - the same pair of good quality knicks that are just over $180 in a shop are $60 on line. And that's from an Australian web shop that is renowned for being pretty good.

I guess I'll never be walking into a bike shop and buying knicks again.


cav said...

I can only say thank you for not posting any pictures.

Minicapt said...

Check E-bay for the offer of prints. You don't think he's doing this for charity?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you cav. Sometimes there is too much information. I now have to stick my thumb in my mind's eye.

Paul said...

Which were the really good ones and which online store? I could do with some new ones...

Boy on a bike said...

Pearl Izumi Attack short - Cell Bikes.

Anonymous said...


duncan said...

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