Monday, 2 July 2012

I think winter has arrived

Crumbs - either I am getting old and the cold is starting to penetrate deep into my weary bones - or it's simply getting cold. I still haven't gotten organised enough to search through the garage to find my long fingered gloves, so my finger tips don't thaw out until morning tea time. Must be the impact of the carbon tax.

At least it's dry - so far. Rain is predicted for later in the week. I haven't had a cold, wet day yet. Warm and wet or cold and dry - but no cold and wet.

I nearly smacked into two cyclists coming towards me in the dark this morning. Neither had lights or reflectors, but they were perfectly "safe" because they were wearing helmets! Idiots.

Hmm. It's very cold, and I had a dangerous experience. Putting two and two together, I get "dangerous climate change"

I punched that into Google and searched the SMH site and was rewarded with 2,470 hits. Ben Cubby was using that term again today. Well, not so much using it as regurgitating it. Oddly enough, I had a look at the Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis page that his article was based on, and the word "dangerous" doesn't appear anywhere in the scientific reports. And neither does the phrase "climate change" appear anywhere in the report. It's just the cold, hard facts on how ice melts etc and how ice coverage is measured. I wonder how "dangerous climate change" slipped in there?

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DMS said...

Just get the bloody long-fingered gloves out! You've whinged about this before!