Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Muscles and ninjas

First off, I'm never going to shave my legs. But if I ever did remove the hairy layer, I hope that underneath, my legs would look like this. Phwoar. 

And Cav - you orta see the legs on the blokes!

My pet hate at the moment - bloody ninjas. I don't care whether they are running or on a bike - anyone that runs along a busy, unlit path in dark clothing is just a complete moron. A cyclist is going to smash straight into one of these idiots one night, and the paper will be full of stories about speeding cyclists. No one will mention the runners in their black hoodies and black trackies with the earphones in and the volume turned up to 11. Or the idiots that fail to keep left, or the groups that fill the entire path from edge to edge.

Speaking of morons, I had to suppress the urge to beat a taxi driver to a pulp tonight. I was coming out of the Rocks (in the bike lane) and I was being annoyed by a lady in a silly little car who was driving rather erratically and slowly. I think she was looking for the Sydney Writers Festival, and had no idea where to stop or park. She was going at that really annoying speed where she was moving slowly enough to hold me up, but fast enough to prevent me from overtaking. I'm really careful around drivers like that - if they look dodgy, I hang back and never put myself into a position where they might suddenly brake or swerve and take me out.

Which is a good thing.

Because a taxi came blatting up behind her at high speed and started flashing his high beams at her. I don't think she noticed, so he then stood on his horn. At that point, she panicked and swerved (without indicating) right across the bike lane directly in front of me. She ended up in the parking lane. If I'd been along side, I would have been toast. Just like that. 

The taxi driver then roared off impatiently.....and sped off to the next red light.

I don't know why these buggers just can't calm down and drive like reasonable people. What's the point of being impatient in peak hour traffic in the Sydney CBD? You're not going anywhere fast - just get used to it. And you certainly won't be moving very quickly if I pull you out of your cab through the window by your ears and then give you a good talking to about your behaviour.

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cav said...

They look like blokes' legs!