Friday, 18 May 2012


Check out those low lying clouds on the centre left - they look like mountains. They really looked incredible.

15 seconds later, the sun came up just a tiny bit more, and I was a bit further around the Bay, and suddenly those same clouds were tinged with pink.

The usual flock of early morning rowers - they must have nuts of steel to be out on the water at this time of the year. They reminded me this morning of the water boatmen insects. Yes, it's cold and all that, but it really is a stunning time of the day.

When most cyclists want to carry a stack of stuff, they buy some panniers. This lady was stuttering along with multiple shopping bags hanging from her handle bars. I'm always paranoid that a bag is going to go into the front spokes, and then over you go.

This bloke must have been seven feet tall - the top of my helmet didn't was below the line of his shoulder. 

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Anonymous said...

...into the front spokes then over you go...

That's how I smashed my front teeth, aged 12. Ironically, I was carrying home a parcel rack.