Sunday 18 March 2012

Stuff happens

Stuff happens - like I try to take a picture of an idiotic taxi driver, and I get something all arty and farty. Reckon I could get a government grant for that?

Here's what the above photo is all about. You've got three lanes heading away from me here (plus a pink bus lane). At peak hour, the right hand lane is for right turns and the other two lanes are left turn only onto the Anzac Bridge.
Every once in a while, an idiot tries to avoid the big long queue of cars turning right and drives right up to the front of the line and tries to push in. They never succeed. What happens is you get a few hundred angry motorists stuck in the lane behind you, with half of them leaning on their horns. What makes it really funny to watch is that the drivers in the right hand lane, who are doing the correct thing, also get mad at the idiot driver, and they refuse to let them in. So you've got two lanes of angry drivers all taking it out on one idiot. I could stand on this bridge and watch them do this all day.

The Apple shop this week, with queue stretching around the corner.

I think about half the crowd was made up of media types trying to interview nerds. The photos are a bit blurry because I think the camera is half full of water - it's been a bit wet of late.

Coming home, the traffic was even worse because a cement truck rolled over at pretty much the same spot. By the time I got there, a crane had turned up and flipped it back onto its wheels, and the fire brigade were using sand to mop up a diesel spill.

The last photo is from the SMH.

I bet that driver won't be in such a hurry to go around corners in the future.

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