Monday 12 March 2012

Monday photos

That's not a ship - that's the Iron Cove Bridge in the early hours of the morning. Can't wait for daylight saving to be over and done with. 

Some cyclists are their own worst enemy. Look at the top photo, and how dark it was. And then look at this bloke - all dressed in black with no lights - just a small red reflector at the rear. I almost rear ended him myself as I powered up behind him in the gloom.

Although the Harbour Bridge is quite impressive, the approaches are pretty huge too. In the middle of the lawn there's a bloke sitting on a park bench, enjoying the view - with his bike parked beside him. Not a bad way to start the day.

It's a dog's life. I prefer the idea of huskies - having them out the front pulling you along. And why isn't that dog wearing a helmet?

I thought this bloke was going to bolt through the red - and then not one, but two police vans went by. He thought better of it.

Spotted this old beast chugging up the road - it wasn't hard to miss. It almost disappeared in a cloud of blue exhaust smoke as it accelerated. It just goes to show how far automotive engineering has advanced over the last 100 years.

Look closely - this bloke has a kid balancing on the top tube. I guess he has picked his son up from school, or music practice, and is dinking him home.

Yellow saddle bags - gotta love them.


Anonymous said...

One for Cav eh?


cav said...

I'd say it was yellow and black with a white patch; but I only had a glance of course.