Saturday 27 August 2011

Friday photos

Electric bike
It's now warm enough in the afternoons that I can ride home in my normal summer rig - knicks, jersey and short gloves. However, it's also cold enough in the morning to need leg warmers and an undershirt (and arm warmers if I could find a pair that fits), so I have a ton of excess clothes to lug home each night. I thought this bloke was wearing way too many clothes for the weather, but then I discovered that he was riding an electric bike. I could keep up with him on the flat, but he took off and left me for dead on the hills without any apparent effort.

His chain was making all sorts of strange noises, and when I caught up with him a bit later, he was complaining about his bike malfunctioning. The electric motor is a nice bit of kit, but when it goes wrong, the whole bike is just a hunk of metal to be pushed home.

Hey, it's not a truck lane
This truck was waiting its turn to pick up rubble at a demolition site just up ahead. See the car with the brake lights on? When I caught up to it, the driver decided to swing left into the bike lane without looking, and damned near took me out. They were simply impatient to get around the truck that was pulling out of the site - they could have waited another 2-3 seconds and gone straight ahead, but no, they had to save a few seconds by pulling into the bike lane, nearly causing a crash. Idiot.

Fixie courier
Normally, I can never catch couriers. They're young, lean and fit as hell. This guy must have been in TGIF mode, because I caught him easily. That's a first.

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