Saturday, 10 July 2010

ZIX 702 - knobhead number one

I'd like to say a big "Hello, and fuck you" to the Simmons Contracting knobhead that nearly took me out at a roundabout earlier this week. I should have rung this bloke up on 9983 0779, or gone to their address at:

A. Simmons Contracting
Suite 5, 186 Mona Vale Rd, Ives, NSW 2075

and given them a piece of my mind.

The driver of this ute was clearly in a hurry. This is a 50km zone, and I was doing 40 as I started braking for the roundabout - you need to really slow down for this one as visibility to the right is impeded by a building on the corner. (I was almost taken out by a Porsche there on Friday, which I saw too late). When I was 2/3 of the way down the hill towards the roundabout, there was no traffic behind me - and then suddenly there was this bloke. He was moving.

As I braked, idiot decided to cross the double white line and go around me without slowing down at all. I hate it when drivers do this, as they fail to realise that whilst there might be enough room for them to get side by side with me at the entry to the roundabout, there is rarely enough room for us to be side by side in the middle of the roundabout and especially at the exit. And cars going too fast for the roundabout tend to swing wide as they turn and they take up all the available space on the road. If I had been going straight ahead, I could have been sideswiped as he swung out, or been forced off the road - and it's never fun crashing over a raised kerb at speed.

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