Thursday 8 July 2010

Targeting Gilrudd

Andrew Bolt had a lot of fun with this photo today. A lot of commentators made remarks about Nazi salutes and so forth.

As much as I would like to bash Gillard, it's not a salute. It's a target indication that she is giving. This is the way I was trained to indicate a target - you never point with your finger. You point with all fingers outstetched in the manner demonstrated here. I left a comment to that effect, and only Habib picked up on it (he's serving somewhere in some sort of capacity - he knew what I was talking about).

What this photo says to me is that Gillard is observant and a quick learner. I'm sure she wasn't on the boat long before she noticed that the swabbies were indicating things port and starboard in this fashion - and she worked out why and copied them. Good on her. I doubt Rudd would have been that quick - or he would have chewed them out for pointing in such a "silly" fashion (silly as far as he was concerned, since he was such an Enormous Box of Brains).

So I'm not going to make any cracks about Fascist salutes. She's paying our military a complement by doing as they do. Some people need to pull their frickin' heads in.

Bloodnut jokes will resume tomorrow.


kae said...

I thought she was pointing... no story. It's how they do it when you're in a lecture class and they indicate who they want to ask a question...

"box of brains" ROAWRRR, that's good!

bloodnut jokes? BLOODNUT jokes!

Oh, the other one.


Anonymous said...

Towards the end of this video is a pick-up of what Joole does with her hand by the comic that takes her off.

cheers Bigtones