Friday 28 May 2010

A crap way to start the day

Not the best way to start the day - a ute with three blokes standing around it broken down in the middle lane of the approach to the ANZAC bridge. Just as peak hour is starting to kick in.

I had a day like this last week. I had to catch the bus to work (leg was playing up after going down some stairs in a funny way) and as I hobbled to the bus stop, a bird crapped on me.

After I sat down, a loon sat down opposite me. She was probably in her late 30s, and looked about 65. She was missing half her teeth, including all her front ones, and had a variety of very badly inked tatts all over her. If I didn't know better, I'd say they looked like prisons jobs. I could see a bit of one leg, and it was covered in scabs - meaning she had run out of veins in her arms. After a short period of silence, she started talking to all and sundry. She was a complete whacko.

I was the only person on the bus unable to take refuge in an iPod. Luckily I had a magazine that I could hide behind.

When I got off the bus in town, it was raining, and I had left my last usable umbrella at home.

Such is life.

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